Jbarna: My victory? Not exactly a surprise

Before the competition starts, Fabry e Knuze was the favourite for the final win but at last you won. So, are you surprised?

I’m not surprised, I knew that I had good chances to win. For example in the INT forum Fabry said he thought I was the favourite which i never thought to be, but i knew that i was going to be so close to the final victory.

What do you think about the performance of your athletes?

I never thought my athletes were going to do more than 55000 points, but this day all of the did amazing results with lots of PB. It’s not strange if you think that i had the highest form in 5 seasons just for this competition

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Do you think you are competitive again for the win the next year?

I won’t be so strong as this season, the economy and the age of my athletes don’t allow me to be. But hope to be able to attend, is my first step and it won’t be easy with the opponents that I have in Spain. Then we will see
What are the good things and the negative things of the last Club Internacional Championship?

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The worst is that i had to sell a lot of young athletes that I trained carefully since they were 14 or 15. It was an amazing generation but I was going to be unable to pay their salaries, my team was unsustainable for some seasons, losing more than 150000€ every week for more than 4 or 5 seasons, so I decided to risk and try to ensure the podium, I really never thought on winning until the last days. It was a really difficult decision to take for me.

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Te best, to win the championship against 2 great opponents, the best team of the last years, Lupus, and Knuze who performed amazing, believe me that for a loser team like mine, with a good record of second places in club national championships and failed attempts to the league, was amazing

El Barto, January 2011

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